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Lake Michigan Waves Challenging for Disabled Sailors

The waves of Michigan Lake can prove to be a barrier for some people. However, for others, this can be a worthy challenge. Vince Gerasole takes us into the world of sailing and has discovered that physical disability is hardly able to restrain some men on from sailing. It had been just another day in Lake Michigan when Vince Gerasole paid a visit. However, the sailors who are on wheelchairs had been tackling several challenges beyond the waves.

Hebron’s Gary Pierce said that once you are in the boat, you tend to forget that you are disabled. Particl Lo Duca and Pierce left the wheelchairs on-shore. They use a thing known as a transfer box for sliding on board. They left this on the stationery seat and set sail from Burnham Harbor. Lo Duca said that being on the water will offer you a sense a complete freedom and helps in lifting up your spirits. Pierce said that he knew that there is something called sailboat racing, and that he’d watched it in Italy, but he didn’t know that there is sailboat racing for the disabled. Once he got into it, he got hooked.

Lo Duca and Pierce are an experienced team and have been partners for several years. This local pair is going to compete against fifty disabled sailors from around the world, this weekend. They are going to come over to Chicago for their The United States Sailing Independence Club.

There is always an able-bodied attendant on board for attending to in times of emergencies. However, for the majority of the part, the sailors are seen to be on their own. Lo Duca said that the seat hand onto the person and then they are able to concentrate on trimming the sails and also driving the boat. Both men have learned to sail from the same foundation and know-how they have to focus on a difficult challenge.

Susie Goodall Confirms Rescue After The Storm During The Round-The-World Sailing Race

Susie Goodall, the British yachtswoman has given the confirmation that she has been rescued saying that she is on the ship after she had been stranded in Southern Pacific Ocean. The rescuers rescued the sailors who had been stranded about 2000 miles from Cape Horn following the destruction of her boat.

Her boat had been heading to Punta Arenas in the southern part of Chile. Tian Fu, the Hong-Kong flagged was to dock on 12th December. The 29-year-old woman had been knocked unconscious for a brief period of time as the mountainous seas had upended the yacht tearing off the mast and trashed most of her equipment.

The Golden Globe Race comprises of a 30,000 mile solo around the world in yachts which are similar to the ones used 50 years ago in the first race without any modern equipment being allowed other than the communications equipment. Goodall holds the 4th position in this Golden Globe Race when 69mph winds and the fierce sea damaged her DHL Starlight, the Rustler 36 yacht.

A distressed signal had been picked up for the first time by the coastguard of Falmouth. They had alerted the race control along with Chilean authorities of search and rescue who are responsible for this Pacific sector. The people in-charge got in touch with a ship that was about 480 miles southwest of the position of Goodall and was for helping them out.

The Tian Fu was alongside the stricken yacht before she was taken off. However, the rescue wasn’t that easy. Goodall is the only female and the youngest sailor who has taken part in the non-stop race of yacht. The race started on 1dt July and it was expected to take around 9 months. In the previous race of 1968, the only person to finish was Sir Robin Knox Johnston.

Changes In Ocean Race Ownership

The Volvo Ocean Race in 2018 had started in the early summer months and spanned a race course of 45000 miles in total. The last mile had seen three teams in a close contest and the final length or sprint to Hague had been one of the closest finishes that the race had seen in its history spanning 45 years. The first two teams had a mere time span of 16 minutes when they completed the 126 days of this highly acclaimed world race.

As a result, many are still talking about it and it is definitely one of the most talked about races with the world’s best sailors participating. It was also the 13th edition that came to an end with several changes that were announced for the forthcoming editions.

For instance, Volvo has been the owner of this race for 20 years and the 13th edition announced itself to be the end of that ownership. There is also talk of involving 60 footer vessels as are used in the Grand Prix races. Though these are primarily used for short-handed racing, it might become a reality for this race soon. With the World Sailing Show in Paris, the changes for this race became more evident.

At the show in Paris, IMOCA joined forces with the Ocean Race as it is now known, Volvo having withdrawn their ownership from this race. The next edition is being planned now for October 2021 with IMOCA as part of the management. December 11th was when the general assembly of IMOCA was held when they passed a newly written version of Class Rule. This would be applicable for full crewed events like the Ocean Race as well as defined the several characteristics of the yachts that would compete in the upcoming race in 2021.

10 tips to choose a suitable travel agency

Learn to choose and hire a good travel agency if you are planning to travel. Now that the holidays are getting closer, so are the false promotions or certain inadequate services of the travel agencies. Be careful and follow these recommendations.

  1. Look for formal agencies and require proof of payment for the services purchased at all times. If there is a claim this will be your best proof of support.
  2. When hiring a travel package, request clear and very detailed information.
  3. Never allow additional charges for services that you have already contracted. If you have doubts, the best will always be to consult for them before signing any agreement.
  4. Ask all possible questions to confirm that agency staff knows about the services they offer.
  5. Look and see if the company offers you the option of help and follow-up during the entire trip in case of any eventuality.
  6. Avoid hiring the services offered ‘on the way’, by people who circulate in the surroundings. They will not offer you a guarantee.
  7. Check that the agency has transportation, tourist programs and availability of entry to the places to avoid non-compliance with itineraries.
  8. The experience that our friends and family have had is a good point when choosing an agency.
  9. Check the Internet about the company’s trajectory in the tourism market and the comments made by other buyers, to see how it has been rated and if it has had problems.
  10. Go to the agencies where they will give you circuit information, as well as referential prices.


If the tour operator does not comply with the offer, you have the right to the replacement of the contracted service or the total refund of what you paid.

Your instinct

There are usually two types of clients who enter a travel agency: those who know very well where they want to go and who are undecided. If you are in the first category do not hesitate to go to several agencies to compare offers.

You will thus be aware of the market prices (and thus avoid too attractive offers too often disappointing) which will allow you to negotiate! If on the other hand you are undecided about your destination, go to an agency that attracts you (offers layout, home etc …) or if you really do not trust your instinct go to an agency where there are already some Customers, it’s usually a good sign!

Common sense

However, instinct is not enough; it also takes common sense to choose a good travel agency. Do not rush on an offer that seems too attractive because it often hides bad surprises (rooms in poor condition, program not respected etc).

So follow these tips and let the journey begin without any hazard!

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