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Lake Michigan Waves Challenging for Disabled Sailors

The waves of Michigan Lake can prove to be a barrier for some people. However, for others, this can be a worthy challenge. Vince Gerasole takes us into the world of sailing and has discovered that physical disability is hardly able to restrain some men on from sailing. It had been just another day in Lake Michigan when Vince Gerasole paid a visit. However, the sailors who are on wheelchairs had been tackling several challenges beyond the waves.

Hebron’s Gary Pierce said that once you are in the boat, you tend to forget that you are disabled. Particl Lo Duca and Pierce left the wheelchairs on-shore. They use a thing known as a transfer box for sliding on board. They left this on the stationery seat and set sail from Burnham Harbor. Lo Duca said that being on the water will offer you a sense a complete freedom and helps in lifting up your spirits. Pierce said that he knew that there is something called sailboat racing, and that he’d watched it in Italy, but he didn’t know that there is sailboat racing for the disabled. Once he got into it, he got hooked.

Lo Duca and Pierce are an experienced team and have been partners for several years. This local pair is going to compete against fifty disabled sailors from around the world, this weekend. They are going to come over to Chicago for their The United States Sailing Independence Club.

There is always an able-bodied attendant on board for attending to in times of emergencies. However, for the majority of the part, the sailors are seen to be on their own. Lo Duca said that the seat hand onto the person and then they are able to concentrate on trimming the sails and also driving the boat. Both men have learned to sail from the same foundation and know-how they have to focus on a difficult challenge.