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Essence for the Proper Buffet Options Now

A classic mistake is not to try the menu before the event. Trying it will allow us to choose some dishes, modify them slightly or directly discard them and replace them in time by others.


References are always important. Find out for which clients the caterings have worked (many have it posted on their own website) and look for both positive and negative opinions. However, do not be blinded by either. It will be another factor to take into account to make the final decision.


If your company has a CSR strategy (and if not, you should) you are interested in catering that can offer a low-fat and healthy diet. Also, request that you make an adjusted calculation of the amount of food to serve so that the least amount possible without falling short. The best interational buffer catering in Singapore is there with the best options now.

For an event to obtain the certificate of sustainability, both the healthiness of the food and the amount of food discarded are factors taken into account.

Traditional catering options

You should know that there are other options to traditional catering. One of them are food trucks that have been in fashion for some time. The truth is that it has been refined and specialized a lot and it is a serious option to take into account. Of course, each food truck usually has a specialty so do not count on great variety.

Other tips

Other tips related to the role of catering in the event are the type of food according to the activities that will be developed. For example, if there are going to be workshops or work days where concentration is required, do not serve copious food and base your diet on salads and light meals. In contrast, if physical exercise is planned, carbohydrate-based foods will not be a bad idea at all.

  • It is also important to know if the catering has experience in large events when you require it, this is extremely important because not only do they require more equipment and utensils, it is not the same to prepare food for 20 as for 200.
  • Some catering companies are limited to bringing food to the event site, others come to place the same in the dining room, and there are also those that offer full service with very well trained waiters.
  • When signing the catering contract, check each of the clauses to avoid unpleasant surprises because the requirements have not been clearly defined or because there are additional costs.

Cocktail is a less formal type of catering than the previous one, in which the guests are standing, alternating from one table to another to taste the different appetizers, or the service staff will circulate among the guests offering the different dishes.

Buffet, this type of catering is the one that is usually used for those events in which many guests will be found, such as a congress or cruise trips. It is characterized by offering a wide variety of dishes, in which each of the guests choose the one that most appeals to them.

In short, a catering company will handle a wide range of aspects, so for the next event you have decided to organize, be it weddings, birthdays or company events, keep this information in mind, and do not hesitate to contact us to request information.

10 tips to choose a suitable travel agency

Learn to choose and hire a good travel agency if you are planning to travel. Now that the holidays are getting closer, so are the false promotions or certain inadequate services of the travel agencies. Be careful and follow these recommendations.

  1. Look for formal agencies and require proof of payment for the services purchased at all times. If there is a claim this will be your best proof of support.
  2. When hiring a travel package, request clear and very detailed information.
  3. Never allow additional charges for services that you have already contracted. If you have doubts, the best will always be to consult for them before signing any agreement.
  4. Ask all possible questions to confirm that agency staff knows about the services they offer.
  5. Look and see if the company offers you the option of help and follow-up during the entire trip in case of any eventuality.
  6. Avoid hiring the services offered ‘on the way’, by people who circulate in the surroundings. They will not offer you a guarantee.
  7. Check that the agency has transportation, tourist programs and availability of entry to the places to avoid non-compliance with itineraries.
  8. The experience that our friends and family have had is a good point when choosing an agency.
  9. Check the Internet about the company’s trajectory in the tourism market and the comments made by other buyers, to see how it has been rated and if it has had problems.
  10. Go to the agencies where they will give you circuit information, as well as referential prices.


If the tour operator does not comply with the offer, you have the right to the replacement of the contracted service or the total refund of what you paid.

Your instinct

There are usually two types of clients who enter a travel agency: those who know very well where they want to go and who are undecided. If you are in the first category do not hesitate to go to several agencies to compare offers.

You will thus be aware of the market prices (and thus avoid too attractive offers too often disappointing) which will allow you to negotiate! If on the other hand you are undecided about your destination, go to an agency that attracts you (offers layout, home etc …) or if you really do not trust your instinct go to an agency where there are already some Customers, it’s usually a good sign!

Common sense

However, instinct is not enough; it also takes common sense to choose a good travel agency. Do not rush on an offer that seems too attractive because it often hides bad surprises (rooms in poor condition, program not respected etc).

So follow these tips and let the journey begin without any hazard!